Saturday, April 21, 2018

Introducing: Flight

As some may have noticed over the last few posts, there is a new face showing up here. A scruffy face.

I think it is time to introduce him. This is Flight.


Flight is just over a year old, and has spent just about a month here with us.


He looks huge next to Ptera, but really he is about 18 lbs or so. He has a wire coat with no undercoat, just the single layer.


Flight and Ptera get along great. Ptera loves yanking on his ruff, and he doesn't seem to mind too much. They wrestle and play every day.


Flight has come a good ways since coming home. He is still very wary of the cat (in his last home, he was harassed by a grumpy, territorial cat for a few months, his entire stay with them, which seems to have left him a little traumatized). But he appears to be cat safe, just scared.


He is still learning how to pose. He came with a fear of cameras and would duck for cover whenever he saw the camera come out or make noise. He is getting over that with the use of many cookies and fun walks and hikes.


Learning has started for flyball, though it is difficult as my club is not doing classes right now, so I haven't had anyone to help with him regularly. He does a beautiful wall turn on a wall board, and will do a dead ball retrieve and recall over jumps. But he is noise sensitive with the thrusters triggering.


So far, he has traveled to Canada once, to the beach twice, and to two hikes farther away than we can walk to. Mostly we've been working on basic manners and reminding him that house training still applies in my house.


So, here he is. Flight.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Nulo Freeze-Dried Raw #chewyinfluencers

Yesterday, I met up with my friend Heidi for a fun day at the coast. I brought along Ptera and Flight, and she brought along Pallo. The dogs all ended up getting along great after a few minor grumbles when they first met in the car. Pallo is 9 now, and is doing fantastic. I don't think I would believe how old he is if I didn't know it as undeniable fact.

My pro poser 

We did hit the beach first, then lunch, then we took a hike with the dogs, with the goal of getting them another blow out before heading home, and grabbing some pictures on some of my favorite hiking trails ever.

I brought along Nulo Duck Recipe freeze dried dog food to use as treats. Flight is still learning his recall (this was only his third totally off leash hike with no drag line, if you count the beach that same morning as off leash hike #2). Pallo and Ptera have great recalls, but treats keep their recalls snappy and are used to pay them for posing for photos!

The Nulo was sent to us to review, and while it is a food that is a complete diet in and of itself, we just had a smallish bag, so I thought the best way to use it was for treats. I do love that I can feed as many "treats" as I want without worrying that the dogs will get sick from overly rich treats. I can just lower the amount of their regular food later if they eat a ton of the Nulo.

Hiking and photos require accessories. Poop bags and treats!

The Nulo comes in little nuggets, which worked great as treats, and would make scooping out a cup or two for meals super easy as well. They crush easily enough if you deliberately crush them, but weren't too bad when I just wanted to hold some in my hand for handy recall treats.

Mr. Pallo

Pallo thought the Nulo was fantastic, and tried to take my fingers with the treats pretty much every time. Ptera loved them too, but was more polite about it.

Flight drank the salt water at the beach (obviously he was discouraged, but he still drank more than he should have) and ended up with a queasy stomach. He ended up taking his treats and then burying them for "later" in the forest along our path. (He ended up not feeling great that evening and part of the night, but I have no doubt next time we go to the beach he will be just as happy to drink all the water in sight, salt water or not.)


Overall, the Nulo was a big hit. I would happily get it again to use as treats, and the ingredients are fantastic. If I were to switch to a dehydrated raw food in the future, Nulo would be on my list to look at for sure.

Also, for anyone wondering- Koira is now doing fantastic. As my mom refers to it, she is "fat and sassy" now. The canned food she is on made her gain some weight initially, though she is now maintaining, and she is acting playful and happy. The tooth extraction sites are pretty much healed at this point.